Nia - the miracle cure to the stresses and pandemonium that is life.

With our lives getting more and more consumed by the daily pandemonium and stresses of modern life - It seems like we are all constantly searching for that fix that makes all of those stresses dissolve into sweet nothingness.

So when I heard about Nia and eventually dragged myself to check out one of the white belt classes at Studio Karros;  located at the Rose bank Bowling Club - I was met by a room of women doing dance - like ninja movements  gliding across the floor in unison. It all seemed a bit advanced for me. This nu- skool form of fitness incorporates relaxation and dance forms into our daily routines that really aren't all that new.



Nia has a link to nine movement forms; three in martial arts, which are Ti-quando, aikido, and Ti-chi for the belt system it used - at least that's what the instructor told us.  The movements were also proof of this blend of influences. Nia works on a belt accreditation system allowing it to be taught after the white belt stage. The instructor spoke in a slow soothing tone; not unlike Master Yoda speaking about the Force.

About three Kung-Fu movie flash backs later and still unmoved from my position at the back of the room - I'd managed to completely ignore my inner crouching Tiger and did a pretty good job of hiding my inner tiger. That's about when it dawned on me that these moves really weren't all that different from Tae Bo or that Zoomba thingy on TV.  But just when it was feeling like Nia was just another one of the many Zen -like practices out there nowadays; it flipped the script on me.





Music? "That's new!" I thought to myself. Then again, maybe it had been on all along? Maybe the room of women in their Nia-gear had distracted me from noticing it before? Maybe I was finally becoming one with the Force?

Even though it wasn't quite for me, and might not be the typical wax on wax off of the ol'-skool, it looked like the people taking part in it were having a lot of fun. Nia seemed to me to be more geared toward the ladies. So give it a try if you're looking for something new, rhythmical and fun.





For more information on Nia check out Alternatively is the website that runs the Cape Town studio and has links to other studios across the country too.



by Nolan Stevens
Nia incorporates relaxation, dance and martial arts all into one mode of exercise.