Munro Drive

Munro Drive

Simon may just have found Joburg's most scenic make-out spot. It's on Munro Drive baby.

Picture, if you will, a first date gone horribly right. We did the movie, the sharing of popcorn, the bravery of one hand reaching for another. We did the after party, at some dark club, a third full with some kids we both kinda knew. We did the awkward drive home, with me trying desperately to draw my attention back from planning on how I was going to make my move, and back onto the dark Johannesburg road in front of me. And then something unexpected happened.

"Ever been to Munro Drive", asked the dirty blonde girl in my passenger seat. (Please notice lack of a hyphen between 'dirty' and 'blonde'.)


"Wanna go?"




Munro Drive is a national monument in Houghton and takes you up a very steep hill. The lookout point is halfway up the hill and overlooks the Wild's, a nature reserve built in the 1930's, offering spectacular views of the city.
So up we drove, pulled over, got out the car and had a smoke while staring out at the Joburg night sky. It was all very romantic. It was short lived though, whether it was my nervousness of deciding when to go for a kiss or the fact that it was 3 in the morning and I was quite worried about a potential hijacking, either way we left. It really is a special spot and I would recommend any true Joburger go check it out, preferably during daylight though.





Endnote: If you're interested in what happened to the blonde and I, we dated for all of four days and then she left me for a boy in a band. Such is life.

We'll always have Munro Drive though.



by Simon Fabricius
Munro Drive is a scenic spot that’s ideal if you’re trying to be all romantic on a tight budget.


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