Jozi Film Festival

Jozi Film Festival

The Jozi Film Festival began last night, the 14th of September. As someone who creates, I have a strong appreciation for art that spills from creativity. I enjoy observing the different ways and channels that people employ to communicate messages and share information.

The Jozi Film Festival showcases a collection of the latest films created by South African and international filmmakers. The cinematic exhibition comes to life annually in this vibrant city of gold and is now in its fifth year. The festival also doubles as a non-profit organisation that has dedicated itself to enriching local culture, supporting the city’s vibrant film community and reaching new audiences through the powerful language of film.

I’m not big on movies, in fact the last time I visited a cinema was in 2010. The idea of keeping quiet, sitting still and listening to other people speak for two hours doesn’t sit well with me. However, with that said I also believe in taking the opportunity to dabble in different waters, stepping out of my comfort zone and doing different things. So when the opportunity to attend the festival’s launch presented itself to me I had to oblige and accept.

As in previous years, the festival premiered with a South African film, Shepherds and Butcher[MM1] s, which left me impressed, conflicted, emotional and pensive. If that film was any kind of reflection of what to expect during the rest of the festival, then I strongly urge that you go.

Through a multi-genre slate of films for the next four days the festival promises to bring the very best of filmmaking by both emerging and established film makers. At the same time they’re diving into a wide range of topics that move our communities and lives, which I think is extremely important.

We’re living in an era in which we’re free to interrogate the world as we know it, and here we have a festival that does just that through the power of cinematic storytelling. Each movie presents an opportunity to relax and shut the world out while you’re transported into a sphere where your hearts and minds will be profusely stirred. 

The festival will run until the 18th of September at The Bioscope in Maboneng, Cinema Nouveau in Rosebank and the Eyethu Lifestyle Centre in Soweto.

For the full screening schedule and to make bookings visit Jozi Film Festival.

by Mamello Sejake
A festival that brings a cinematic view of the world around us to Jozi.


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