Joburg City Parks Will Save Your Life

Joburg City Parks Will Save Your Life
We're all deeply in love with this city but the fast pace and 'my car is better than your car' vibe can still get under your skin. Even hardcore Joburgers need to stop and smell a rose or two and stare at our (sort of) blue sky. But where?
There's no mountain, bro, but we do have City Parks. To make it easy, we've created this list of our Top Five parks where you can do anything*.
*Anything as long as it involves running, yoga, a picnic basket, a mountain bike, some sort of canoe or pretending that you are the hippie you always wanted to be, if only for the weekend.
Delta Park - For Runners and Cyclists
Say hello to the Macdaddy of Parkland. This bad boy is big and appeals to the sporty crowd. Cyclists of the mountain bike variety meet up here a lot. Runners also like this spot - the Delta Park run happens on a Saturday morning. Butterflies flutter and people seem to be happy here. Sweet.
Where? Craighall Road, Victory Park
Sandton Central Park - The Green Lung
When people say Sandton is the New York of South Africa, they're probably saying it because they have their own Central Park. This park attracts yoga bunnies as well as the 'Weekend Hippie' types when Rise and Shine music fest takes place. Lovely.
Where? Corner of Sandton and Grayston Drive, Sandton
Emmarentia Dam - Grab A Canoe and Float About
This is nice, real nice - a combo of grassy embankments and water, where small boat enthusiasts (the word small is a good thing here) and canoeists, well, they sail and canoe. People in love also like it here - they bring picnic baskets, make out and feed each other strawberries. Romantic.
Where? Louw Geldenhuys Drive, Emmarentia
Zoo Lake - Let's Go To That Place
Well... The bowls club is there. Students love it. People who wish they were still students love it. Cheap booze and sunny sunshine... Must I go on? Well there's the Zoo Lake pool and the "African Spirit" of Moyo. Runners run and picnics are eaten. Tasty. 
Where? 1 Prince of Wales Drive, Parkview
Melville Koppies Nature Reserve - Spot Some Wildlife
This really is the Table Mountain of Joburg. We even sport wildlife attractions in the city's Big Three - mongoose, tortoise and chameleons. Take a pair of binoculars, people, or just take a walk up the rocky terrain for the best view of the city. There's some serious beauty going on. Magic.
Where? Judith Road, Emmarentia
For a list of parks in your area click here
by Leila Saffarian
You need to escape the boring game of one-upmanship going on in the city. We compiled this list of five of the best Joburg City Parks to help you do that.


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