Ice Skating In Northgate

Ice Skating In Northgate

All the cool kids are still doing it! Simon went skating on ice and found out why this form of fun did not go out with the 70's.

While all my friends were recovering from a night out with Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, I made the great trek out to Northgate with my daughter to catch some ice of my own. That's right, Johannesburg has its very own ice rink. Who knew? I thought those died out in the 70s, along with sideburns and bell-bottoms. But no, not too far off the beaten track lies this throwback to good old-fashioned fun. Unfortunately it is situated inside Northgate Shopping Centre, but don't let that stop you, after a few laps around the rink you forget about the monument to mass consumption that surrounds you.



It'll cost you R63 for entrance and skate hire, and cheaper if you have your own skates, but honestly, who owns their own pair of ice skates? Weirdoes, that's who. Anyway, it really is a fun time out, they cater for everyone, from kiddies to oldies. Although on the day I went I spent most of the time dodging overly dressed tweens so mentally prepare yourself for such.

Your money gets you entry for the whole day which runs from 10am until 5pm, but if you last more than an hour or two you have far more stamina that I. There is a night session as well, where I imagine there are lots of doe-eyed, teenage couples, holding hands while silently singing along to the latest hit by Rihanna.

Tel: 011 794-0786
Where? Northgate Shopping Centre, Northumberland Road, Northriding, Johannesburg

Day Session Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Evening Session Time: 19:30 - 22:30

Entrance Fee: R43.00
Skate Hire: R20.00



by Simon Fabricius
Ice skating is still what all the cool kids are doing.