Escape Outdoors At Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Escape Outdoors At Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Take a hike, ride a bike or pat a pony at the nature reserve next to the city

Pretoria doesn't exactly spring to mind when you think of places to go to get out of the city. You might think student life, pubs and Lofters, but not a day out in the great outdoors. Well I was thrilled to find just this at Groenkloof Nature Reserve, only 5km out of the city centre.



It is a playground for nature lovers and sporty types of all varieties. If you crave peace, quiet and a little time out strolling through forests and veld, try one of the hiking trails on the reserve's property. We put on our tekkies and set off on the 4.5 km White Trail which is well marked.





Before long we felt as if we were days away from anything that hustled or bustled and breathed in the fresh air and stunning surroundings. We walked through bushveld, plains, up a hill, down a hill and along some pretty grassland too. With a lunch stop and many "ooooh" and "aaaah" view moments, it was the ideal outdoorsy day out.  We also changed our route and went along the Red Trail (3.5km) for a bit too just to see where it went. The trails intertwine every now and then so you can always get back on track whenever you're done disobeying the map.






We weren't the only ones along the path either. Apart from bumping into a couple of other walkers, we also met a herd of zebra, kudu, some dassies, herons and had an extremely close encounter with a Black Mamba. You're properly out in nature there, even though it's still technically Pretoria. Who would have thunk?





The reserve also offers cycle routes, which are separate to the hiking paths. Other activities include a 4x4 route, horse trails, night drives and picnicking. You can hire out the lapa there to for a function and even stay the night in one of the overnight huts.






The entry fee is R25 per person and R18, 50 per child.
Gate Times: 5:30 - 19:00
Tel: 012 440 8316

Where? Groenkloof, Pretoria

Check out their website for activity details and prices as well as other info.







by Kelly Kidson
Enjoy the outdoors with a hike or a ride at the Groenkloof Nature Reserve, right next to the city.