Cape Riding Horse Club

Cape Riding Horse Club

It's a horses' life out in Pretoria and Cape Riding Horse Club will let you in on the experience, with pleasure.

For me, there's nothing better than being on horseback - the wind in my hair and the sun on my back, with a magnificent animal beneath me. To this end, I decided to check out Cape Riding Horse Club.
On arrival, Marleen, who has recently taken over running the centre, greeted us warmly. Saddled horses awaited us, and atop my mighty steed, Konstant, we set off through the reserve. Following a path towards a hilltop, we paused at the crest to appreciate the view of the greenery of the reserve meeting the outskirts of Pretoria below us. None of the buzz of the city could be heard - it was us, the horses, and the chirping of birds.



Cape Riding caters for riders of all ages and experience levels. Whether you are after a slow, leisurely ride through the beauty of the reserve, or wanting a mad gallop along the paths, it's your choice. The aim is to have fun.

The horses of Cape Riding are specially bred, and as such, are a pleasure to ride. Adding to the pleasure of the ride is the wildlife - after a short, wonderful gallop, we came across Zebra, Blesbuck and Springbuck.





There are many different rides to go on - you can opt for one of the four daily rides, or you can request a moonlight ride, complete with a picnic basket, if you so desire - perfect for a bit of Valentine's romance (take a hint, boys).

For the enthusiastic rider, there is a riding club set up which means you have a slot reserved for you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, at a reduced price.

Cell: 082 828 6323



by Jennifer Withers
Into plodding, galloping or a moonlit picnic on horseback? You choose at Cape Riding Horse Club.