Amazing Mazes Provides Odd Entertainment

Amazing Mazes Provides Odd Entertainment
Sometimes you wake up and decide that it's a good day to get lost in the wilderness. Then you realise you live in Joburg and that you can't really do that. So you get lost on purpose by visiting Honeydew's Amazing Mazes.
After driving down the wrong road a couple of times and getting to dead-ends (Apple maps?) I eventually found the place and was greeted by a friendly but very serious young man with a walkie-talkie. The mission was a go.
We walked up the dirt road to the colourful little building I can only really describe as a welcome area. Ninety bucks later, I was very much hoping these to be the most amazing mazes ever.
Our guide ran through a few instructions and facts - charismatic and all smiles. With hindsight I wonder if he was smiling out of pity. Come to think of it, he might have been smiling about my age - me not being 12 years old and all.
We approached what we were told is the 'main' maze and pretty much the main attraction of the day (save for a few games involving balls, a large tree and a few unfriendly geese). The current maze is basically made from dried bamboo stacked together into walls. Admittedly I was expecting corn fields - but those come later in the year apparently.  
Here's how it works:
You get split into teams with a bunch of questions to answer and some "challenges", finding clues along the way. It was fun at first, and we found ourselves laughing at our own stupidity, but after about 20 minutes it got pretty stale hitting dead ends. Perhaps we didn't have the child-like curiosity necessary to enjoy the place, or maybe it was the memory of paying almost a clip each to get in that soured things a little.
We were told the maze would take an hour plus to finish, but we were done in about half an hour, and duly rewarded for our efforts with Paddle Pops (an ice cream, for all you non-kiddie orientated types out there). 
All in all, the thing could be good for parents of the young, for the young at heart or for those seriously bored with the attractions of the city, and with spare cash they don't want to spend on beer. 
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Where? 82 Boland Road, Honeydew, Johannesburg
by Lauren Wheatley
Lauren Wheatley gets lost at Honeydew's Amazing Mazes, and is rewarded with an ice cream for getting free ...


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