Railways Cafe

Railways Cafe

Railways Bar is a unique Live Music and Hubbly Bar situated at Irene Trading Post. They sell and rent hubbly's out to ensure constant conversation with new people, hubbly is a social commodity that Railways provides, so you can meet and get to know different people as well as have a good time with your friends.

The sound of unplugged acoustic music suits this establishment; this is why railways bar has started to slowly incorporate live performances into a night out which happens every Friday night. Not only will Railways be having live music but the introduction of comedians, poetry evenings and games evenings will soon be incorporated.

Railways has also started a recycling project where all the alcohol bottles will manage to find a use in this arty establishment. From glasses to ashtrays and candleholders, the aim is to clean up the environment by recycling as many products as they can.

Railways bar will be the supplier of the glass bottles to the glass bead workshop where these bottles will transform into art of the future. Railways Aims to become the very 'First Green Bar' in South Africa. They are finding many ways to become an eco-friendly establishment and it seems to create an atmosphere of its own. Go and see for yourself.

Railways Cafe is a live music and hubbly bar in Irene, Pretoria.


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