The Orbit needs your help

The Orbit needs your help

                             Posted: Aug 02 2018

The Orbit, home to some of Joburg’s finest jazz and experimental musical acts, needs your help.

Early August saw the jazz club and restaurant sending out mailers and putting calls out on social media, calling for fans, patrons, musicians and music-lovers alike to consider donating to their crowdfunding campaign in order for them to continue the work they’ve been doing. 

“Our story is but a fragment of the local jazz music scene,” reads a statement accompanying The Orbit’s crowdfunding video. “The Orbit serves as a platform that seeks to develop and keep this genre alive for future generations to enjoy. Our passion has kept us going this far, we now need a helping hand to take it to the next level.”

All funds raised will be used for setting up The Orbit Non-Profit Organization, updates to their sound department, launch an online video feed, and provide general renovations and repairs.

Check out their video below, and head over to their Thundafund campaign to donate.

Jozi’s well-known jazz club has started a crowdfunding campaign



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