Jozi’s iconic Alhambra is getting cleaned up

Jozi’s iconic Alhambra is getting cleaned up

                             Posted: Jul 08 2018

The Alhambra Theatre, located in Joburg’s Doornfontein area, has a long history.

First opened in 1921 as a silent-movie bioscope, the building moved onto talking-movie screenings before declining in the 60s. The 80s saw the building being bought up by theatre-maker Pieter Toerien before it once again fell into disrepair.

Now, in an effort to re-open and re-purpose the building as an education-arts hub for inner-city students interested in music, dance, theatre and more, current co-owner of the building, Gordon Cook, and the team from Dlala Nje are teaming up to revitalise the old structure.

This 18 July, a clean-up event is taking place at the Alhambra, and they’re looking for volunteers to join in on a day of cleaning, painting, and general TLC-giving.

“By the end of 2018, the Alhambra aims to become an inner-city oasis for Jozi's kids to learn and experience the arts,” says the Dlala Nje team in the Facebook event.

If you want to play a part in restoring a Jozi theatrical gem to its former glory, check out the event on Facebook, or get in touch at

The venue will be transformed into a new education-arts hub



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