Johannesburg Botanical Gardens Open From 3 August

Johannesburg Botanical Gardens Open From 3 August

                             Posted: Jul 29 2020

If you haven’t felt yourself getting a little edgy from the cabin fever of lockdown over the last 5 months then you’re either a zen god or have no emotions at all.

We’re all used to going out and having a good time with our friends and it’s taken time to adjust to everything but as society gradually opens up Joburgers can look forward to an exciting new adventure we can add to the list of small leisure activities we can do: the Botanical Gardens.

While it comes with its own caveats, you can only access the gardens to exercise, it adds a new attraction to the relatively slim amount of things we can do, so call up your running and cycling buddies (if we’re not mistaken you’re only allowed to bring 3 of them and yourself) and let them know that the botanical gardens are open for exercise from 3 August 2020.

No social gathering, picnics or public events will be allowed but commercial facilities in the gardens, such as restaurants, have been allowed to open under Alert Level 3 subject to prescribed regulations for the respective areas of business.

Daily access to the botanical gardens will be monitored, and limited once the safe carrying capacity for the area has been reached.  All visitors will be required to wear cloth face masks, be temperature screened, and complete a tracing register. Gate opening and closing hours will be strictly adhered to.

 To access the amended gazette, please click on the link below:

And happy exercising in beautiful natural surrounds that have been untouched my humans for nearly five months!

The re-opening of the botanical gardens for exercise purposes shows another step towards a return to normality.


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