The Beasts are on the move

The Beasts are on the move

                             Posted: Feb 28 2018

Bombshelter Beast – that ragtag group of musicians that’s more of an experience that it is a band – has been busy lately.

They’ve just released two new tracks – ‘Taka Takata’ which features kwaito legends Pitch Black Afro and Mapaputsi, and ‘Madam Bliss’ which features Freshly Ground’s Zolani Mahola and Pitch Black Afro. They’re also set to kick off a jam-packed gig schedule that’ll see them taking to stages across Joburg, Cape Town, Maputo and more.

We caught up with one of the Bombshelter Beast members Marcus Wyatt ahead of their show at Bowls Club this Friday to talk all things music, family, and more.

Can you give us a brief history of Bombshelter Beast?

Eish, really? how brief is brief ?

This band was conceived and born (it was a very long labour) in 2015 – the music came out of a soundtrack written for a comedy movie about a really bad soccer team (we actually can also field a really bad soccer team as a band – and even have two substitutes!) – thus began the Beasts! we are a motley crew, from all walks of life – but we are family (dysfunctional of course but which family isn’t?)

Bombshelter Beast has a lot of members. How do you all navigate the dynamic when rehearsing and performing?

We don’t navigate the dynamic, we ride it, we surf it, we sometimes get lost in it – yes sometimes in rehearsals it becomes tricky (#herdingcats), but we do actually love each other. Those who are very naughty sometimes get spanked or sent to the corner.

You don’t subscribe to a particular genre, choosing instead to traverse a number of different sounds. Is this due to the various backgrounds and styles of your members, or do you just hate being pigeonholed?

I don’t like the pigeonholes – those poor birds are trapped in one small box – imagine how bored they must be !! and we all come from such different backgrounds, it’s the soundtrack of our collective lives!

Tell us a bit about your upcoming shows.

We’re playing Zoo Lake Bowls club on Friday (March 2), and we’re going all out. Definitely the best thing about this band is the energy of the live performance! It’s 12 people sweating and grooving hard like there’s no tomorrow. Seeing is believing!

We’re doing Woordfees in Stellenbosch on March 10, at the very trippy Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden – Beasts roam free here – dare to join!

March 20 we’re back at our birthplace – The Orbit in Braam – this gig is for those who prefer to sit for half an hour in denial, before leaping up onto the dancefloor.

Mieliepop is on March 24! 10pm mainstage – oh goodness, what to say?

And then our last March gig is 31, at the Dunkeld Bowls Club! what a marvelous venue this is – we intend to make a day of it, as should all y’all!

The epic gig coming up is us at Rumours Rock City on May 4 (May the Fourth be with us all) – we’re crossing over people!

The year is still young! What are you guys hoping to get up to this year?

Ah, well I just mentioned a few of the other gigs, but there’s Azgo festival in Maputo and the SA Comedy awards in September, which is going to be epic. And a big joke – we’re funnier than you think, but can comedians play music? Let’s find out!

Also watch out for our little 360 music vid of the kwaito track ‘Taka Takata – featuring none other than the legends Pitch Black afro & Mapaputsi! were also releasing a radio mix of the same track as well as ‘Madam Bliss – featuring the amazing Zolani Mahola & Pitch Black Afro!

Stay tuned. Beasts are coming!

Bombshelter Beast will be at the Zoo Lake Bowls club this Friday 2 March. Tickets are R100. 

A QnA with musical outfit Bombshelter Beast



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