JHBLive Live Musician Support

JHBLive Live Musician Support

                             Posted: Apr 19 2020

Dear JHBlive community,

JHBlive has been bringing you the best of Johannesburg nightlife for over 20 years now. It's an eerie feeling when the city we have been covering, promoting and loving is under complete lockdown. Empty streets closed cafes and banned night clubs. What is a city without these? 

In the last few weeks, we have invested our editorial energy to promote charities that are raising funds and foods for the most desperate and needy persons.  

Part two is the beginning of our strategy to help Live music artists gain awareness and raise funds for their online performances. 

We have partnered with Technology agency who will be providing skills, software and experience in streaming to performing artists.

We will provide you with the following:

  • Live stream to the JHBlive Facebook and Twitter communities. over and above support to stream to your personal social media profile tools to help monetise your stream.  
  • Advertising promotion across the JHBLive website and social media properties  



  1. Any artists submitting their events for streaming support must be performing artists with previous live gig performances.  
  2. Artists must be playing original materials. No cover bands will be included at this point. 
  3. Artists must ensure they have adequate internet and access to equipment to ensure the audience receives a high-quality stream 
  4. Significant time and energy go into these promotions we can only take two artists per week.

To apply, please send your contact details, social pages, an image and stream dates to 


We want to help live music artists gain awareness and raise funds for their online performances.


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