Get ready for the Brickfields music fest

Get ready for the Brickfields music fest

                             Posted: Jun 06 2018

It’s a good time for live-music in Jozi! This Saturday 16 June, Brickfields inner-city music festival returns to Johannesburg's Newtown precinct, presenting a harmonious collaboration of live and electronic music on three discerningly curated stages.

The festival will take place across the And Club and Carfax venues, located on the well-known Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street.

The Brickfields festival also attempts to cater to all kinds of music-lovers. Carfax will play host to the live music stage featuring a selection of bands, while the Drum 'n Bass stage comes courtesy of Propaganda event crew, who have enlisted artists from across the country to satisfy the bass hungry masses. Lastly, And Club takes the reins on the Inner City Outer Space stage with a high caliber showcase of techno and electronica.

Sounds good, right? Grab your tickets here, find more info here, and check out the full line-up below.

Full Artist Line Up

Carfax Live Stage

Retro Dizzy (CPT)
Dirty Moonshine
Black Harbour
Lonesome Dave Ferguson
DJ Dinnerjacket & Darkwing
Oh Those Guys

Propaganda Stage

Kallisto (CPT)
George Daniel (CPT)
4.1 (Point4 x Toby1)

Inner City Outer Space Stage

Stab Virus (CPT)
Kat La Kat

The Brickfields inner-city music festival kicks off this Saturday 16 June in Newtown at 6pm. Tickets are R150 per person.  

Live and electronic music in the heart of Newtown


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