Visit Cresta's Aquarium

Visit Cresta's Aquarium

                             Posted: Sep 17 2019

Randburg’s Cresta Shopping Centre, one of South Africa’s largest shopping centres, recently launched its CrestAquarium, a spectacular marine educational centre complete with a magnificent aquarium that is home to 32 exotic reef fish from the Indo Pacific region.

Something not to be missed and which is sure to provide plenty of entertainment for the whole family is feeding time for these fascinating aquatic residents. The next feed is scheduled for between 12 noon to 12:20pm on Saturday, September 28th. Mark that date on your calendar and get ready for some great picture opportunities.

Cresta, which has always retained a certain nostalgia with many of its shoppers who have been frequenting the centre for years, has evolved into one of Johannesburg’s shopping and leisure icons with over 260 stores and an immense variety of quality offerings including fashion, food, décor, tech and services.

The CrestAquarium takes the retail experience to a whole new level, appealing to different age groups.

Watching beautiful fish and marine creatures meandering through an aquarium has long been recognized as soothing and de-stressing. Now, studies from as far afield as Plymouth University and the University of Exeter have shown this to be good for both mental and physical health.  The study showed that watching fish lowered both the heart rate and blood pressure. Participants in the study reported feeling more positive and a greater sense of well-being.

Although this might be the perfect antidote to a stressful shopping trip, the real reason that Cresta Shopping Centre created the CrestAquarium, was to educate visitors to the centre about the importance of our oceans, the damage caused by pollution, the need to cut down on the use of single use plastics and the need for sustainable fishing.

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Other dates and times when you and your family can watch the fish being fed between 12 noon and 12.20 include:

  • 5th October
  • 26th October
  • 2nd November
  • 30th November
  • 7th December
  • 21st December
  • 28th December
  • 25th January 2020
  • 1st February 2020
  • 29th February 2020
  • 7th March 2020

Kindly note that diving times are subject to change and shoppers can check Cresta Shopping Centre’s social media platforms for updates: Facebook: @crestashoppingcentre / Twitter & Instagram: @crestacentre

The CrestAquarium has something for all marine lovers.


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