Volunteering In The Time of Coronavirus

Volunteering In The Time of Coronavirus

                             Posted: Apr 02 2020


We’re living through a particularly trying time in our country’s history - and yet also a time where we are likely to see the best of humanity. This is an opportunity to be safe - but also to do what we can to help. 

NPOs and their beneficiaries need your assistance now more than ever! Many of their revenue streams have dried up entirely. Big donors tend to be nervous during times of turmoil. And they're struggling with even more fundamental challenges - what do you do when your youth group or school programme can no longer gather? 

We'd like to call on the forgood community to TAKE ACTION. You can still create social impact while remaining safe, without leaving your home.  

#1 Virtual Volunteering. Volunteer from where you are, taking on small digital tasks like social media support, marketing, writing, translation, design, video mentoring, data capturing and more. 

#2 Donating Money. Sometimes the best way to help, is just to give money. Donations from R50+ are accepted.  

#3 We've also created this very special #CoronaVirus campaign, where we highlight all the needs being posted daily by forgood's 400+ NPOs. See below - and please help us by sharing this campaign.  

The official COVID-19 government website is 

DISCLAIMER: Wherever possible, please arrange donations via courier or through a safe channel. Donating money is also a safe way to contribute. Please obey the lockdown as instituted by the South African Government. 

You can find more information on the forgood website 

While the world faces difficult and many organisations struggle, you can do your part from home.



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