Stand Together with The Solidarity Fund

Stand Together with The Solidarity Fund

                             Posted: Apr 05 2020

The time to stand together as a nation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic has come. The Solidarity Fund has emerged as one of the key ways we can all offer our services to help the nation in not only preventing to spread of the disease but helping those less fortunate than us during this difficult time.  

The Solidarity Fund will be independently administered and will work with other initiatives to achieve these objectives. 

Through this Fund, individuals and organisations will be able to support these efforts through secure, tax-deductible donations. The Fund will operate with the highest principles of corporate governance and through an independent Board. All activities will be reported in a transparent manner. 

The Fund administration will be done through professional managers and organisations in the private sector. 

The President of South Africa has appointed Ms Gloria Serobe as the Chairperson of the Fund. 


1. As the lockdown has been enacted, please think of how we can show solidarity as a nation. There are many ways to do this but if you wish to donate to the official solidarity fund for SA click here: 

2. If you can volunteer your talents online for graphic design research or communication click here:  

3. Today's infographics cover helpful numbers for support as well as our case statistics from yesterday. 


Do your part for the nation of South Africa today. The Solidarity Fund has already raised over R2bn and has aided many South Africans who need it most. Together, we can defeat this pandemic and grow closer as a nation than ever before! 

Donating money or your talents will help contribute to the nation as a whole.



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