Join the Global Animal Rights March

Join the Global Animal Rights March

                             Posted: Aug 20 2019

We are very excited to announce this very powerful event! You are invited to join the Johannesburg edition of the Official Animal Rights March taking place globally – an uplifting, positive and peaceful march, with the aim of creating mass awareness to the suffering of animals whilst uniting as a powerful force against the industries which use and exploit animals.

The Official Animal Rights March is an annual vegan march founded by UK animal rights organisation Surge. The march began in London in 2016 with 2,500 attendees and by 2018 TOARM succeeded in a global attendance of 28,000 animal lovers marching in 25 cities across the world, demanding an end to all animal oppression. In 2019 The Official Animal Rights March is taking place once again, with the mission to spread the message of animal liberation across the globe.

In order to make this march succeed, we need your help. Invite your friends, tell every animal lover you meet, this is the day where we unite, where we stand up, rise up and say no more, not in our name.

The future of animal rights is NOW, and we must continue to speak out on behalf of the animals until the day that their suffering ends.

Save the date, spread the word - and let’s make history for the animals.


Please come to the George Lea Park South entrance on St Andrews Road, Parkmore, Sandton. There will be space in the park to park your cars.

We will meet at 10.30am.

Directions: Drive down Sandton Drive from Rivonia Road and turn left into Marie Avenue and then right into St Andrews. Entrance to the park is on the right.


See attached image - PLEASE AIM TO ARRIVE AT 10.30AM.

The march will begin promptly at 11am.

We will walk down Marie Ave towards Sandton Drive.

Turn right onto Sandton Drive and walk up towards Grayston Drive.

Turn left onto Grayston Drive.

Turn right onto 5th Street, and up to Maude Street (where the Sandton Convention Centre is)

Here we will turn around and walk back to where we started.

When the march begins WALK SLOWLY. Please listen to the marshalls (in orange reflective vests); conveners (in yellow reflective vests) and the Police


During the march please stay BEHIND the large banner at the front of the march at all times and follow any directions the marshalls / conveners (the people in high visibility jackets) give you. This is to ensure a smooth and safe march at a good and steady pace.


We encourage you to make placards, banners and even costumes - this is a bright and bold march! We would also love for you to bring along instruments, such as drums. However, bringing yourself is the most important thing of all! If you or any participating animal rights groups would like to do outreach along the way then we encourage you to bring lots of leaflets. Please also bring water to keep yourself hydrated during the march; a cap/hat and sunscreen and wear comfortable shoes!


Yes the march is family-friendly!

Find out more here:

Show your support of animals around the world this weekend.



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