Join in on the Handstand Challenge

Join in on the Handstand Challenge

                             Posted: Apr 02 2020

 Stand up. On your hands. For a small business, you love. To keep it standing. 

While the world is on pause, we can stay active. And while small businesses have ground to a halt, we can make a stand for them…with a daily handstand. 

The JGC Gymnastics club, a small gymnasium in Johannesburg has launched a new challenge to the world… 

Do a Handstand a Day or donate to keep small businesses that you love standing.   

It’s your encouragement they need more than anything and your belief to match theirs that while the world has been turned on its head, that we can still wave our feet in the air… 


I bet you’ve always wanted to learn how to do one. Here’s your chance.  

  1. Take a video or photograph of yourself doing a handstand  

  1. Share it on social media with the hashtag #KeepUsStanding, tag the businesses that you are pledging to support and nominate a friend to do the handstand challenge 

By donating money, you can keep their business standing, 50c a day, £1 or $20…turn over those cushions on the couch check through all your pockets in the wardrobe or just do a handstand and see what falls out!  

In a world that’s been turned upside down, turn your’s upside down with a handstand for a great cause! 

Help small businesses to survive during the Corona pandemic by donating for good.



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