Check out Melville’s new and improved 27 Boxes

Check out Melville’s new and improved 27 Boxes

                             Posted: Nov 21 2017

27 Boxes is a widely-loved food, shopping and entertainment space in Melville. Recently, the innovative venue received a revamp, adding water features, open-air amphitheatres, sculptured gardens, and more to its premises.

First built in 2014, 27 Boxes is the first shopping and commercial venue of its kind to be made from shipping containers, and has been hailed as a distinct and entrepreneurially friendly addition to the bustling suburb of Melville.   

Leading the revamp was Citiq CEO Gustave Holtzhausen, and owner of The Countess restaurant, Leon Pretorius, both of whom worked closely with the Melville Residents Association to further cement the 27 Boxes complex in the heart of the community. 

If you haven’t checked out the new 27 Boxes, grab your family and friends and head through for a day of design, art, décor, food and more. 

A brand new outdoor area, water features and more



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