Out of the Furnace

Out of the Furnace

                             Posted: Mar 05 2019

Celebrating the artist’s voice, freedom of expression and healing the past through the work, ideas and conscious intervention created by artists Willie Bester and Wolf Werdigier through their unique and exciting, transcultural collaboration.

Opening this March 14 at The Melrose Gallery is a new exhibition by Willie Bester and Wolf Werdigier titled Out of the Furnace which is the culmination of months of collaboration between two celebrated contemporary artists and thinkers.

The combustive creative journey of these two renowned artist and social justice activists represents a deeply immersive and reflective process which has resulted in a powerful body of new and older works that is both triumphant and challenging, topical and celebratory.

The exhibition represents a galvanizing process, a cleansing through fire across generations, and within the cultures both artists embody, while not forgetting the harm inflicted.

For architect and artist Wolf Werdigier there is an important need to confront historic injustices inflicted upon his Jewish ancestors, and equally, acclaimed artist Willie Bester pulls from the fire the need to never forget or allow the dehumanization and silencing of Black South Africans across the spectrum as experienced during apartheid.

‘We are excited to present this critical body of work produced by artists Willie Bester and Wolf Werdigier, the result of their trans-personal and creative exploration of the most critical rights and freedoms afforded us, and the eradication of their violation’, says Craig Mark, the gallery director.

This important dialogue between the artists across cultures, faiths and personal ideologies to find confluence through shared expression was undertaken with a deep sense of striving and truth, with trust, toward their creative articulation.

A new exhibition at The Melrose Gallery



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