Ballen on Film

Ballen on Film

Ballen on Film is a retrospective exhibition showcasing nine films of which Roger Ballen was either the subject, the inspiration, the writer, producer or director. It documents his development as he moved from photographing the exterior to the interior psyche; from straightforward photographs to all-out stage productions with props and drawings; and from documentary photographer to music video director for Die Antwoord. If you’re keen on attending the opening, RSVP to

Where: FotoZA gallery, Rosebank Mall

When: 2 August at 6:30pm

Entrance: Free!


Thu 2 Aug 2018
6:30 pm


Foto ZA Gallery
50 Bath Avenue, Rosebank

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Bookings:011 327 6376 < <

A retrospective exhibition at FotoZA


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