Truth, the old snake park in Midrand is still one of the world’s most unique electric dance music venues, without fail it still hosts the sickest Saturday night jams and still manages to rock jammers to their core – weekly. It has stood the test of time with generations having passed through the doors and sold their souls on the dance floors while they mercilessly give their all to the DJ man.

This Saturday night it’ll be bring the weekend to another sizzling hot boiler with a concrete breaking block buster. On the terrace you’ll find the likes of Pimp Squad, Kyle Watson, La Cruz and Boom Brotherz. Upstairs Miguel Tavares, Khubu, Weston  and Engine as well as Renato Rodriguez will be taking the party to the nest level. And, if you’re keen to take the party to the dark side then make your way to the Basement where you’ll find Kinetika, Manifesto, Seventh Sense and Sweetlz.

R50 gets you in before 23:00 and R80 thereafter. 


Sat 13 Aug 2016
9:00 pm


Corner of Old Pretoria Road & James Crescent, Grand Central

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Bookings:(011) 315-9295 < <

Truth has withstood the test of time and will be tearing down the vicinity once again this Saturday.


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