Truth Feat. Martin Ikin

Truth Feat. Martin Ikin

Martin Ikin has been in the game and producing since 1991, originally recording hard-core, jungle techno, as well as drum and bass tracks for labels like Basement, Face, and Precious Materials. After a brief hiatus from the music scene, he returned with a vengeance, and is currently running the Soul Purpose imprint, with a focus on funky US-styled house. Additionally, he's collaborating with DJ Phantasy on several releases for Easy Records, just to prove that he's never lost his love for jungle.

Join Ikin this weekend at Truth where he’ll be turning up the heat, pumping up the volume as he sets this weekend’s Saturday night action on a whole different wavelength. Like every other Saturday night at Truth it’s going to be a boil over which will spread across three dance floors.

On the Terrace and under the stars you’ll find Pimp Squad, Apollo, Vimo, Master Simz alom. Upstairs you’ng with Martin Ikin. Upstairs, where the big kids play you’ll find the Ric Benigno, Zuluboy, Ashton, Kanan K7, Agugio and Dodge. And, then down underthe staircase and in the Basement Chemical Noize, Steve Energy, Bry Lorenzo, Elemental, Daniel Licht and Auricle.

R60 gets you in before 23:00 and R100 thereafter. 


Sat 5 Dec 2015
9:00 pm


Corner of Old Pretoria Road & James Crescent, Grand Central

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Bookings:(011) 315-9295 < <

Join Martin Ikin this Saturday night for a round of sick jungle beats.


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