Truth Feat. Huxley

Truth Feat. Huxley

It's been a tasty festive period but now we're all back to the grind. Sucks right? Well yes it does but there is light at the end of the tunnel because like work, Truth is back in 2015 for another monster year of parties and epic living.


Kicking the year off is year’s mayhem will be the likes of Huxley, aka Michael Dodman. Since his late teens he’s been producing, seeing initial underground success as a garage producer before his sound partly mutated towards a deeper, house-based sound in the past few years. Collaborations with old mate Ethyl for the then hot-as-hell Cecille imprint in 2009 showed a producer receiving massive support for what instantly seemed like a fully developed sound.

That’s not all though; joining Huxley and ensuring that you’re rocked to your core will be the likes of H-Bomb, Pimp Squad, Huxley, Vimo and Chunda Munki on the Terrace. Upstairs and under the stars you’ll find D'Phault, D'Ritmo, Rob Toca, Niklas Stadler and Brad S. And, finally in the basement where the night creepers play you’ll find Sweet Iz, Manifesto, Hippie Mafia, Kinetika and Seventh Sense.

R60 gets you in at 22:00 and R100 thereafter. 


Sat 16 Jan 2016
9:00 pm


Corner of Old Pretoria Road & James Crescent, Grand Central

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Bookings:(011) 315-9295 < <

Truth is back baby and 2016 is going to be slamming!


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