Night Ride at Stanley Beer Yard

Night Ride at Stanley Beer Yard

The normally quiet streets surrounding 44 Stanley in Auckland Park are punctuated with the grumbling roar of iron beasts on the last Thursday night of every month, because that's when Stanley Beer Yard hosts Night Ride, a monthly get-together of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Gauteng.

All over the world riding at night is a ritual performed by men and woman who love the thrill of streets lit by the glow of the city. Roads devoid of traffic are a blessing to motorcyclists who relish the prospect of owning the ride without having to deal with distracted soccer mums on their cell phones and determined taxi drivers pulling u-turns in the middle of intersections.


Equally, the cafe racer, tracker and classic motorcycle scene in Joburg is growing and is commonly populated by dedicated petrol heads who love to ride in packs.

This particular night is organised by veteran local DJ The Klassikist, who is also an obsessive motorcycle rider. “Everyone loves a night ride,” said The Klassikist, “so we combined what most riders love, which is a decent chow and some good tunes. This month is our seventh Night Ride and we're happy to have the guys from Traditional Triumph along on Thursday to show off some of their shop's bikes.

"It's great to have all the bikes at the Beer Yard as it’s a perfect venue for them because there’s lots of space and it’s a pretty laid-back vibe. So if you pitch up with a helmet you qualify for a R80 burger and beer special.”


Thursday nights at Stanley Beer Yard are traditionally vinyl nights and The Klassikist is the resident every week. “I’ve loved music since I was laaitie and I truly enjoy playing my collection every week. I just decided that I would combine my love for bikes and beats so I could share my passion with more of my buddies. It’s so amazing to see all of the Triumphs, Harleys, scooters, adventure riders and custom jobs together under one roof.”

“It’s also not just for folks who have bikes. It’s for bike lovers, so anyone is welcome.”

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Words by Alex Rowles

Photo by Brennan Lewis



Thu 31 Aug 2017
7:00 pm


Stanley Beer Yard
44 Stanley Avenue, Braamfontein Werf

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Bookings:011 482 5791 < <

A Bike themed Party with live Vinyl DJ Klassikist


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