King Of The Fall

King Of The Fall

To celebrate Matthew Rose’s birthday Carfax will be unleashing a mean rave on the city. You only have one birthday a year so it makes sense to go big or go home. Neglect all your inhibitions, get motherless and jam until the sun comes out – with this being a no holds barred slammer it’s all likely to become a reality.

The sick beat man, Matthew Rose, will be joined by the likes of Prince Kaybee, Bazy B, Charlene Lai, Rosette, Banks, Tecks, Soul Excursion, Rhythmic Souls, Yaygo Meister, Spiza, Blaqdrop to make sure that this night goes down in history as the mother of all birthday.

Entrance is payable at the door.




Fri 18 Dec 2015
11:00 am


39 Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street, Newtown

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You're invited to the mother of all birthday bashes,