Fenomena Phestival

Fenomena Phestival

The Phantom Rainbow is a rare atmospheric fenomenon that occurs when sun light interacts with ice crystals in the earth's atmosphere. The spectacular rainbows appear as two subtly coloured patches of light to the left and right of the Sun, approximately 22° distant and at the same elevation above the horizon as the sun.

When this rare and wonderful phenomenon does happened the cosmic sounds from a land far off come to life to induce the ultimate dance floor revival.

Line-up: Artelligent, Behr, B_Type, Digital Rockit, Headroom, Hiipies Mafia, Jimmy Chronic, Killer Robot, Brad S, Bruno Morphet, Ivan Turanjanin, Just Smart, Metro Ticket, Nick Grater, Stereotype, Manifesto, 2lani The Warrior, Matt Bouton and so many others.

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Phase 1 R250

Phase 2 R300

Phase 3 R350 


Sat 14 May 2016
9:00 am


Hornbill Lodge
Corner R24 and R563, Magaliesburg

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Beyond the phantom rainbow lies a worlds of enchanting cosmic beats you’ll never forget.