Experience – The Bae Summer-Line Launch

Experience – The Bae Summer-Line Launch

Bae Clothing is out with its new line of clothing they’re and keen to pimp you out this summer. As if that wasn’t exciting enough for you they’re spicing up your life with a slamming throw down.

This week’s edition of Experience will feature the likes of Kyle Watson. From his decks will flow all the sweetest mix of summertime vibrations. Beats so sweet you’ll probably dance until the sun comes up. This is the perfect opportunity for you to forget your cares and live the best summer night of your life while electro tunes complete your Experience.

Entrance is payable at the door. 


Fri 16 Oct 2015
8:00 pm


39 Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street, Newtown

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Bookings:0832880428 < <

Set out with Kyle Watson and watch as this becomes the best Experience of your life.