Vice City feat. Nasty C

Vice City feat. Nasty C

Are you in the need of a turn up?

Carfax has got you covered with three of the most respected and most influential brands in the industry as they will be fusing their creativity together to bring you a sick beat.

This throw down promises to change the game forever. Plant your feet firm on the ground and let this hair-raising line-up throw you into the night.

Vato Kayde, Chrizz Beatz and Darren Britz, the creator of the Seduction Street Party, will be collaborating to bring you Vice City. Be there and see what these legends can do together as a collective, this also includes the coolest new kid on the block Nasty C.

Say Hell No to a boring night in and join these DJs who’ll be on the decks. The line-up includes Lil Red Live, Vato Kayde, Chrizz Beatz, DJ Switch, Ryan The-Deejay, Vin Groovin, DJ Warras, Rikay, SauBomb, Nathan Mayor, Erebus Live, D'PHAULT, Cody Blanc, Irmaos De Deus, Essential Groove, Kollective Kulture, DJ NATE, Sobrado, Jose Rocha, John Lyra, Marco The-Deejay, Blewbox Productions, Tots and Bhavs.

Entrance fee – R160


Fri 8 Jul 2016
8:00 pm


39 Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street, Newtown

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Bookings:0832880428 < <

Come and experience history being made with three of the best brands colliding to create and epic night!