The Motherland Live at Stanley Beer Yard

The Motherland Live at Stanley Beer Yard

The Motherland are becoming one of Jozi’s most prolific bands.

Their unique sound is a captivating blend of space, serene vocals, beautiful guitar riffs and a driving rhythm section.

With the recent addition of a fifth band member, Jean-Louise Parker, The Motherland are currently writing their second album. Jean-Louises backing vocals, keys and viola mean the band is able to push their sound and creativity further.

Following the success of their debut album, the band continue to tour and perform regularly, providing their fans with the intimacy and honesty they are known and loved for.

Free Entrance!


Sat 2 Sep 2017
2:00 pm


Stanley Beer Yard
44 Stanley Avenue, Braamfontein Werf

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Bookings:011 482 5791 < <

Indie Rock Band The Motherland Live!


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