The Family Jams

The Family Jams

Film and Band is a new regular event at The Bioscope where a band or musician curates the screening of a film and then they give an intimate performance.

Singer- Songwriter Josh Kempen invites you to a once- off screening of The Family Jams, an intimate account of what was memorably coined 'the magical tour of 2004’. The film follows a young Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and Vetiver as they tour the US seemingly just before their careers took flight.

For Josh this is an important film, “because it documents a part of these incredible musician’s careers that we wouldn’t usually get to see or experience, the parts that took place before we ever heard of them and their success hadn’t been assured”.

After the film stick around for a live set by the curator of the evening and his band, Josh Kempen!

Watch the trailer here.

Tickets are available online from Tixsa, prices range between R100 and R150.


Thu 21 Apr 2016
7:00 pm


The Bioscope
44 Stanley Avenue, Braamfontein Werf

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Bookings:011 039 7306 < <

Keen for a film, some popcorn and a live performance by Josh Kempen afterwards?


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