Rocking For Their Reason

Rocking For Their Reason

Little Trager who is five and Alexis who is three need your help. Trager has autism and Alexis has cerebral palsy and as you can imagine both have special needs that can cost an arm and a leg. So, because we are all one people and no man is an island a bunch of really dope bands have decided to get together and have an epic fundraiser.

They’ve employed the help of a sizzling hot line-up that’ll rock you to your core because giving is so much better when you’re having fun don’t you think?

Lesuth, Surdus, As We Fall, Powerslave, Riddlebreak, The Psykotix, Adorned in Ash, Dirty Moonshine, Facing the Gallows, Made for Broadway, Noxious Terrorstrike, Touched By Nausea, The Jack Rolling Dandy's and The South Shore Ramblers will be taking to the stage and treating you to the best in live entertainment.

R50 gets you in.






Sat 4 Jun 2016
6:00 pm


Rumours Rock City
139 Ontdekkers Road, Westgate

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Wouldn't you agree that giving is so much more better when you're having fun.


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