D.Day 4.20 Street Party

D.Day 4.20 Street Party

Its D-day good people and the gods have spoken. This year the party is heading down to Carfax where Jozi's cannabis community will be celebrating the herb, life and the sweet scent of the green. The streets will be closed off, there will be live bands, an abundance of food stalls for the munchies, two dance floors and a night you’ll never forget- what more could you ask for?


The plan is to go absolutely insane, lose your head, smoke up the city and party until you begin to question your existence - it's 4.20 good people! This is your day, the herb's day and the greatest day so ready your mind, body and spirit because this is it.

Line-up: Indigo Girl, Larry Amos, Chron Burgundy and nic Blaze, Deep Fried Man, Them Particles, Tidal Waves, The Sextons, Late Night Fox, Daddy Longstem, Satanic Dagga Orgy, Meesh Mash Band, DJ Siya, Uncle Ruckus and smoKopius, Michael Lesar, DJSmokes, V3nom, DJ Hamma, Weston and Engine, Sobrado x ExoTeric, Nick Essential, Ru-B, BenSon and Mr Green. 

Tickets are available online from Ticibox for R140 and R150 at the door. 


Sat 16 Apr 2016
11:00 am


39 Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street, Newtown

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Its D-day good people and the gospel of the green shall reign supreme.