Cyber Summer An Afrotech Affair

Cyber Summer An Afrotech Affair

SodaStudio has been selected for the venice Immersive Film Festival and they are throwing a party in downtown Joburg and streaming it live in Venice.
Those attending the live show in Joburg can enjoy the live experience, or use the available VR headsets to party with guests in Venice in the Metaverse.
This amazingly curated event, complete with a sensory visual light show, artistic set and stage design, and live performances ranging from traditional instrumentalists and linguistics specialist rappers, to future facing Afrotech DJs such as: Turkish Astro, No Diggity, Jab A Jaw, Aero Manyelo and Blaq Junior.

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Fri 2 Sep 2022
7:00 pm


Soda Studios
131 Nugget, City and Suburban

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Soda World and the Venice Film festival are coming together for this historic mix reality event.