Woza Albert!

Woza Albert!

The brilliant Soweto Theatre is proud to present Woza Albert! by Percy Mtwa, Mbongeni Ngema and Barney Simon. 

If you’ve not seen the production before, here is what you can expect from the wonderful minds of its creators:

Woza Albert! remains one of the most vibrant examples of satirical anti-apartheid South African Theatre. It demonstrates innovation and creativity during a seminal period of theatre in this country.
Woza Albert! is still a relevant story today; a school set-work in the South African GDE school curriculum. The theatre piece is a great tool for audience development while assisting schools with their school curriculum.

The play portrays so much truth and clarifies a simple approach to the human condition, therefore makes it relevant to South Africa.

Tickets cost  R70 and are available here.  


Wed 8 Feb 2017
3:00 pm


Soweto Theatre
Bolani Road, Jabulani

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By Percy Mtwa, Mbongeni Ngema and Barney Simon


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