The Art of Comics Exhibition

The Art of Comics Exhibition

The Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG), the Embassy of France in South Africa and the French Institute of SA are pleased to present The Art of Comics, an exciting new exhibition that showcases the fascinating worlds of South African comics and French bandes dessinées, the famous French comic style.


The Art of Comics, taking place from 19 September until 17 November 2019 at  JAG, will offer visitors a rich variety of contemporary South African comics and graphic novels that explore themes related to history, folklore, science fiction, autobiography and new developments in the field, such as augmented reality comics. The exhibition will also include a special section on French Speaking Comics Today, curated by Thierry Groensteen, one of France’s leading bande dessinées researchers and theorists. 


Various workshops will be organised during the exhibition for schools and the public, led by South African and French experts as well as special guests, to learn about the techniques around comics, animation and augmented reality.


The exhibition is timed to coincide with Comic Con Africa, the continent’s largest comic festival, to give the public a wider look into the world of comics and animation. 


The Art of Comics is presented by the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the Embassy of France in South Africa and the French Institute of South Africa, and sponsored by Total, who will be bringing more than 800 students to the exhibition. 


About the exhibition

The Art of Comics is the first exhibition of its kind at the Johannesburg Art Gallery and offers visitors, both young and old, the chance to discover the beauty and diversity of comics and bandes dessinées. In France bandes dessinées (comic strips) are a highly regarded artform and represent a significant portion of the literary industry. Some of the most successful new generation francophone artists such as Lewis Trondheim, Riad Sattouf, Zep and Pénélope Bagieu will be represented. In South Africa, the  comic culture is growing, with events such as ComicCon Africa 2018 attracting more than 45 000 visitors over a single weekend. This exhibition showcases local cartoonists such as Mogorosi Motshumi, Joe Daly, Loyiso Mkize, Nas Hoosen, Daniel Clarke, Daniël Hugo, Kit Beukes, Jesse Breytenbach and Kay Carmichael.

No matter which side of the exhibition visitors start at, they will find different worlds to explore. Perhaps they might accompany artist Emmanuel Lepage and his brother François on an arctic adventure in La Lune est Blanche, or join Siku on the banks of the Zambezi as she discovers the mysterious events around the Kariba Dam with her friend Amedeo in Kariba. There are also smaller and more personal mysteries to explore, such as those that haunt the forest of Maya LeMaitre’s Found, and the relationship between two estranged brothers in Come Prima by Alfred. 


Whilst the exhibition shows the diversity in style and story across cultures, it also reveals common themes and threads that tie France and South Africa together. On each side of the exhibition, artists explore questions such as ‘what do the new heroes look like?’ and ‘how can comics help us understand history and tell our own stories?’. Comics play an important role in defining and affirming our identities which can be seen in comics such as The Arab of the Future (L'Arabe du futur) and in the stories of young queer Africans collected by the Qintu Collab for the graphic novel Meanwhile. The partnership between France and South Africa on this exhibition reminds us that art is a universal language, telling the story of the human experience, one panel at a time.


Discover South African & French Talent


The work of important South African artists, including Loyiso Mkize, Mogorosi Motshumi and Luke Molver, will be on display. Mkize is the talent behind South Africa’s first real superhero, Kwezi, and behind The Art of Comics' visual identity, while Motshumi is the first black South African to publish an autobiography in a graphic novel format, entitled The Initiation. Molver is the artist behind the 1980s comic strip Sloppy. He will soon be launching the second edition of his Shaka Rising graphic novel series.


Some of the best French bandes dessinées artists will be showcased, including Riad Sattouf, cartoonist, comic artist, and film director who worked for the satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo and wrote The Secret Life of Teenagers, as well as Pénélope Bagieu, author of the successful illustrated blog My Life is Fascinating, and Lewis Trondheim, an award-winning comic author, who created the independent bande dessinée publishing house L’association.


The work of other artists linked to animation and innovative formats, such as virtual reality, will also be displayed, including a VR experience of the short film Accused #2, based on sound archives from the famous Rivonia trial. 


Sun 17 Nov 2019
10:00 pm


Johannesburg Art Gallery
35 King George Street, Johannesburg

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Discover a world where South African and French talent combine.


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