Post Digital 2018

Post Digital 2018

Post Digital 2018 explores the concept and process behind the residencies of 2018. The artists are invited to respond to their experience, content produced and the process of the residency from 2018 through a physical installation/ artwork/performance engaging with their process, concept and research conducted during the residency.

Post Digital 2018 is a reimagining and engagement for these artists, interrogating their own experience of the residency, their process and how they produced work. Floating Reverie has encouraged the artists to maintain the essence of the digital residency during the 2Weeks, the process and research and to engage with their own experience during the residency.

With this consideration and further development, artists are taking their initial engagement and re-locating it from a virtual, digital space, into a physical, real space.

The following artists will be participating:

Ilze Wessels
Daniel Rautenbach
Tiger Maremela
Christian van Eeden
Tiago Rodrigues
Malebona Maphutse

Where: No End Contemporary Gallery

When: 14 February at 6:30pm

Entrance: Free!


Thu 14 Feb 2019
6:30 pm


No End Contemporary Art Space
60 4th Avenue, Linden

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