Night of a 1000 Drawings

Night of a 1000 Drawings

The Night of a 1000 Drawings is an art-for-charity initiative changing the lives of many across Johannesburg and five other cities around the globe!

They encourage the general public (creative and not), up-and-coming and recognized artists, designers and others – to create and donate A5 masterpieces. These can be doodles, sketches, paintings, photographs, etchings, chocolate, embroidery – they’ve even had a donation in pewter. They can be delivered or posted to them from all over the world, they accept any kind of art as long as it is A5 in format.

These one-of-a-kind art pieces are then exhibited and sold for R150 each at the world’s biggest A5 art exhibition NIGHT OF A 1000 DRAWINGS, Johannesburg. By hosting the event in the Johannesburg CBD, the initiative encourages the regeneration and exploration of Joburg’s neglected inner city.

In collaboration with the Night of a 1000 Drawings the Goethe-Institut is hosting a free and open doodling session on this evening of the 13th of February 2020. Come by, enjoy a drink, doodle around to create your own masterpiece and contribute to the main exhibit, which will take place from the 27th to 29th of March. Maybe your doodle can make a difference!

For more information on the main event, go to


Thu 13 Feb 2020
6:30 pm


4 Newport Road, Parkwood

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Bookings:(011) 442-3232 < <

Doodles for charity and the expansion of creativity are what this is all about.


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