Mawande Ka Zenzil Exhibition

Mawande Ka Zenzil Exhibition

The exhibition consists of new paintings and sculptures, video work and a performance by up-and-coming musician Larissa Johnson; this body of art is a continuation of Ka Zenzile’s use of cultural references to confront history, economic systems and political ideologies.

When asked to elaborate on the exhibition Zenzile said “In this body of work I'm interrogating political and social issues such as racism, capitalism and colonialism and the impact they have created. For me art becomes a space for contemplation where new allegories meet the old ones, and out of this fusion I develop different ways to expose how power works in our society and histories. In this exhibition I continue using iconographic images; I borrow them from their original context and use them as materials in my own work to convey hidden meanings about the complex nature of our society.

With materials such as cow dung and earth on canvas, sticks, stones and mud bricks, Ka Zenzile's work draws attention to his heritage as a conceptual and contextual frame of reference. Motifs from popular culture, Western art history and various other sources are fused in his artistic practice, highlighting and critiquing everyday dualities and stereotypes that have come to exist as the norm”

The exhibition will officially open on the 4th of February.


Sat 19 Mar 2016
10:00 pm


Stevenson Art Gallery
62 Juta Street, Braamfontein

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Mawande Ka Zenzil makes bold interrogations into sociopolitical issues.