Dance Umbrella – New Dance Programme

Dance Umbrella – New Dance Programme

2016 marks the 28th annual Dance Umbrella festival, a dynamic dance showcase. From the 25th of February until the 6th of March, this year’s showcase will include five collaborations from South African and international choreographers. Works from Cape Town and Durban based choreographers will also be included for that extra shot of local zing. The festival is both a forum and a celebration of dance while simultaneously offering innovators an opportunity to explore and develop all evolving dance forms.  Dance Umbrella, remains a free platform for new contemporary choreography and dance. In addition to hosting master classes there will always be the mammoth collaborations which will take place at the Market Theatre, Dance Factory, the Soweto Theatre along with the UJ Arts Centre Theatre.

In an effort to bring artists together, Dance Umbrella has curated a programme that will give both established and up and coming choreographers the chance to watch each other’s work. All the pieces on this programme are short not exceeding 20 minutes. After the programme there will be a 30 minute chat with the featured choreographers to discuss why they created the work.

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Sun 6 Mar 2016
10:00 pm


Soweto Theatre
Bolani Road, Jabulani

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The workshop offers choreographers a chance to network, learn and share.


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