Between Darkness and Ligh

Between Darkness and Ligh

Head through to FotoZA’s latest exhibition, Between Darkness and Light by none other than Jodi Bieber. Between Darkness and Light: Selected Works 1994 - 2010 is the first monograph consisting of numerous bodies of work by Jodi Bieber. It was published by Skira in Italy in 2017. To accompany the book the photographic series that will be exhibited included lesser-known works from the series "Women Who Murdered their Husbands."

Where: FotoZA gallery, Rosebank Mall

When: 1 November at 6pm

Entrance: Free! 


Thu 1 Nov 2018
6:00 pm


Foto ZA Gallery
50 Bath Avenue, Rosebank

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Bookings:011 327 6376 < <

An exhibition of the works of Jodi Bieber


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