Arts Research Africa Conference

Arts Research Africa Conference

Wits ARA invites you to register for the 2020 Artistic Research in Africa Conference. The conference aims to debunk the reasons why artistic research has not secured a significant position within African university systems. Find out more:

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The registration deadline is 13 January 2020 (Monday) 12:00.


This Conference invites contributions from international practitioners as well as African practitioners to initiate a dialogue over modes of artistic research appropriate to the African context.

Internationally, there now exists a reasonable body of research outputs in the field of Artistic Research, generated mainly by artists and researchers active in Europe, Australia and Great Britain. However Artistic Research has not secured a significant position within most African university systems. The integration in Artistic Research of theoretical and practical knowledge (episteme and phronesis, in Aristotelian terms) poses a challenge to the Cartesian division of these modes of knowledge. This separation, fundamental over-saturation of Western philosophy, features far less in African philosophy and world views, where notions of holism are generally accepted as axiomatic. This suggests particular potential for Artistic Research to be approached within contexts of African philosophy and thinking.

Against this background, Arts Research Africa (ARA) and the Wits School of Arts, at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa invite submissions to an international Conference on Artistic Research, the first of its kind to be hosted on the African continent.


Wed 22 Jan 2020
8:00 am


Corner Jorrisen Street and Bertha Ave, Braamfontein

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