Outdoor Cinema: Annie Hall

Outdoor Cinema: Annie Hall

Outdoor Cinema opens up a new season with yet another first in this fantastic city! In a whimsical exertion of creativity, with the peculiar combination of boats, comedy, a skyline like no other and the fortuity that this edition of Outdoor Cinema falls on the international weekend of love, they bring you the first screening for 2016 in one of Johannesburg’s oldest and most loved spaces, The Zoo Lake boat house.

On Friday the 12th February, in an effort to constantly offer city and movie lovers the opportunity to tick epic experiences off of their bucket list, Jameson & The Bioscope Outdoor Cinema present this screening not just at the Zoo Lake but from a boat on the actual lake! Staying true to their commitment to harness the city’s magic and push the boundaries of where and how films can be enjoyed, Outdoor Cinema goes to the very core of Johannesburg’s history with a screening hosted at one of the most historically rich landscapes. Showing the film directly on the manmade lake set amidst this arboretum, which has been in existence since 1904, the public is offered yet another experience to enhance to their memoires of the historical lake in the city.

For this edition of Outdoor Cinema they encourage movie goers to buy tickets in groups of 4 which will secure you a boat with your mates. Also, bring a blanket in case it gets nippy and a cushion for extra comfort. They will take care of all the other features including, a great vibe while you wait for the movie to begin as well as the traditional popcorn and a Jameson Irish whisky cocktail. In addition to the cinema ticket, picnic baskets with lovely artisan food can be purchased, this way avoiding any need to leave the comfort of your boat.

The film that will be showing is Woody Allen’s classic Annie Hall.

There are only a limited number of Outdoor Cinema tickets available and all previous events have sold out days before the screening, so avoid disappointment and get yours quickly from The Bioscope

Outdoor Cinema starts at 17h30 on Friday 12th February 2016. Tickets are available now for R200 per person and includes popcorn and a welcome Jameson cocktail. 


Fri 12 Feb 2016
5:30 pm


Zoo Lake
1 Prince of Wales Dr, Parkview

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Bookings:(011) 483-1017 < <

Outdoor Cinema is back in time for Valentine's Day.


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