Flufftail Festival

Flufftail Festival

The Flufftail Festival will take place at the Cresta Shopping Centre, Johannesburg, from 2-8 February 2016.

With our country in the grip of a severe drought, there could be no better time than to raise awareness about our most critical resource, water, the wetlands created by water and the endangered birds and other wildlife these habitats harbour. In light of this, and in celebration of World Wetlands Day (which takes place on 2 February 2016), BirdLife South Africa, in partnership with Eskom and Rand Water, will once again host the annual Flufftail Festival.

The Flufftail Festival exhibit will take the form of an interactive maze, with various stations aimed at teaching young and old about conserving water (our most precious resource), wetlands (a severely threatened habitat) and endangered waterbirds (especially the Critically Endangered White-winged Flufftail).

Whether you’re an ornithologist, an avid birder or are just interested in the preservation of our nation’s natural habitat and the creatures that reside in it this is a learning experience and fun for the whole family. 


Thu 4 Feb 2016
2:00 pm


Cresta Shopping Centre
270 Beyers Naudé Drive, Fairland

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An interactive festival that teaches young and old about conserving water.