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Mad about malls - Rosebank Revamped

The Rosebank Mall complex has had a facelift - and it looks great!

Inside this monstrous complex there have always been three main malls: The Mall of Rosebank, which has always had an older, artier, and slightly fuddy-duddier image; The Rosebank Zone, which has always done its best to be everything that is "hip", "cool", "young" and "funky"; And The Firs, which was strictly off-limits to sticky fingered children, and full to the brim with expensive things (it also leads into The Hyatt...).

For the past while, I'd been under the impression that The Firs was closed due to Gautrain-related renovations (it turns it just had a secret entrance). I'd also been of the opinion that The Mall was just a little boring, and the Zone just a bit too young and bitty. Not enough shops, not enough interesting restaurants, not enough fun to keep me going back.

But fear not! Rosebank has been revamped, and now it has everything that I need and want. The bit in-between the Firs and the Zone has been re-opened and, um, cleverly named "The Zone 2"... The name aside, it has a bunch of very cool restaurants and shops. It has given Rosebank just the boost it needed transform into a chic looking mall, where I would actually want to spend my time. The space in between the Woolies back-entrance and the new section (which boasts restaurants such as Tashas and Piza e Vino) has been turned into a charming courtyard with fountains for children to play in, and a rather nice shared space.

The shops are all new and exciting, and my rediscovery of The Firs and all the delights therein has left me panting with enthusiasm.

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