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Jazz Maniacs in Soweto

An afternoon of smooth jazz hits and mouth-watering food gave Dominique the relaxation she was looking for!

On the last Sunday of every month Jazz Maniacs (a restaurant within the Soweto Hotel) hosts a jazz afternoon coupled with a buffet luncheon. The experience is definitely one not to be missed!

We arrived on Sunday with empty bellies and a "here we are, now entertain us" attitude, and we were not disappointed. After a gin martini welcome drink to get the mood going, we were prepared for an afternoon of relaxation.

The band played a selection of smooth jazz hits with a twist. The food: traditional African fare, sweet sticky chicken, sausages in chilli, steak, and of course pap and gravy. Absolutely mouth watering.

Expect to encounter an eclectic mix of people; we sat between a couple celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary and another couple of newlyweds. Warm vibes, cool jazz. What are you waiting for?

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