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Johannesburg City Bytes : City Bytes / Coffee Shop / Cafe

Warm and Glad in JHB

Warm and Glad fills Brett's criteria for the café he's been longing for!

I have longed for a place dedicated to making you a cup of great coffee, a barista who will remember your name, a menu that won't make you broke, good music and wifi - free wifi.

The vast empty space in Johannesburg for cafés with warmth and heart is slowly, very slowly becoming filled with places like Warm & Glad.  

Warm & Glad fill my criteria beautifully; it is a large space filled with fantastic music on Vinyl, we're talking Radiohead, Curtis Mayfield and Florence & The Machine here, not the wrecked old moth eaten copies of Engelbert Humperdinck you got for 5 bucks from the Hospice shop.

"Like - Limited Editions" have their prints from local and international artists on the walls. Images from iconic Films like Annie Hall and Star Wars are ripped apart and re-imagined by Little White Lies. They also have a large selection of magazines from South Africa and the World. 

My coffee was good, my sandwich was delicious and reasonable, my barista friendly. I sprawled my life on a massive dining room table and spent the day. Its places like these that need to be all over Johannesburg, let's keep them alive.

Alban's Square, 357 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park

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