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Franco's - real Italian.

If you're looking for real Italian goodness, you've come to the right place. And, we're not just saying that because the Franco family is real big too.

Franco's is owned and run by a guy named Franco, who is actually Italian. Now, this may seem obvious and unimportant, but it isn't. It holds the key to this Italian family restaurant which is something of an institution in Parkview, because if you're going to put your name on something, you better make sure it doesn't suck. And Franco's doesn't. Being a regular might make me bias, but Franco's makes the best Mexicana pizza I have ever eaten. Ever. I rarely order anything else. There are plenty of other good, solid options on the menu though, from pumpkin ravioli to veal lemone. And if you're feeling fancy, Franco or one of his sons or nephews will come around and explain the specials menu to you, completely in hand gestures.

The decor is as one would expect from an Italian joint, red and green all over.  Although, if you used the word 'decor' to describe Franco's, you would probably get a dirty look. It's as unpretentious as they come. That's why people keep coming back, and are greeted by name on arrival. It won't break the bank either, which is probably why I've been there on more first dates than I care to remember. It's relaxed, comfortable, unassuming and if you go there enough you'll be welcomed personally, which, let's be honest, is pretty darn cool.

Francos is at 54 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview, Joburg. Call 011 646 5449.

Check out www.francoforleo.co.za for more info.

Have you been to Franco's? What did you think?

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